18 noviembre, 2019

The Mayan People’s Council (CPO)

Equality in dignity and rights is one of the fundamental pillars for a harmonious and peaceful coexistence, but history shows how the Mayan people have been deprived of these rights for more than 500 years.

National strike organized by the Mayan people


We were and are still those who contribute the most to the state economy which will be clearly demonstrated if we stop our labours in Guatemala.

Our political proposal is to institutionalize the practice of  Vida Digna in politics. Therefore, we promote the effective participation of the local authorities that have been elected in local assemblies and thus are legitimate representatives of the Mayan people.

We will continue defending our land and territory and its natural assets with wisdom and courage facing the threats and attacks from companies acting with the complicity of state authorities ruled by the Guatemalan government.

As an example of political maturity and respect for the rule of law, we have taken action through legal ways in order to demand the Government to respect our legitimate rights recognized in the Constitution and in international conventions. However, we continue to accumulate NOs, that is, to express that we lack rights.

Today, we have taken to the streets, parks and roads in our national territory in order to reflect upon and reinforce our pact of unity in defending life and not leave this in the hands of the politicians, puppets of the national and international oligarchy that have always harmed us and continue to do so.

Our participation during the upcoming general elections will contribute to a balance of power in the existing entities and facilitate a peaceful and democratic transition towards a new plurinational constitutional reform process.

Without our effective participation, an inclusive and sustainable development directed towards combating poverty, will not be possible.

Best regards,

CPO: Political articulation of the Mayan people of Guatemala.

June 23, 2014




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